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    How much do you know about the air you breathe? The water you drink?

    The pathogens around us, and inside us?


    Case Confirmed is a monthly public health podcast series where we interview top public health experts from around the world, explore their vibrant and unique perspectives, and deliver their insights to you in informative episodes!


    Our core team is comprised of your co-hosts Meera, Vijeta, and Dina, and you can read more about us below. We'd also like to thank and acknowledge Aria for sound production of Flu Vaccination Across the Nation, and thank and acknowledge Fay for logo design. And of course, thank you to all the speakers who generously contributed your time to our podcast!


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  • Our Team

    We've got a top notch team!


    Health Communications, Founder / Case Confirmed

    Meera works in health communications at a large hospital. She earned her MPH from Columbia University in sociomedical sciences and epidemiology. For years, she imagined that a new podcast series could help people learn about interesting public health dilemmas. She founded Case Confirmed to help convey critical public health issues in an engaging way. She is passionate about continuously expanding her tech and design skills to convey health information effectively and creatively. Some of her favorite pastimes include good coffee, learning Japanese, and writing fiction- magical realism especially!



    Vijeta is a biostatistician epidemiologist who grew up in the US Virgin Islands. She has a special interest in analyzing outcomes data in implementation science research settings. She is also interested in using inferential and predictive modeling to identify risk factors that can inform public health/healthcare interventions and policy changes. She is currently doing research in the fields of heart failure, biomarkers, readmission disparities, and cardiology outcomes in Boston and enjoys teaching university students about SAS. When she isn’t being a data nerd, you can often find her dreaming about the sand, doing yoga, reading, and learning about different cultures. She hopes to be able to speak 7 languages fluently one day!


    HIV Prevention Researcher

    Dina works in clinical HIV research at an LGBTQ+ community health center and is pursuing an MPH at Boston University, where she studies sexual and reproductive health policy. She is passionate about all things reproductive justice and guarantees she can connect (almost) any issue back to this lens. Although she is primarily focusing on US health policy at BU, she has public health experience in Botswana, Colombia, and India, and hopes to also shape global health policy one day. When she’s not talking about how cool public health is, Dina can be found planning her next trip, doing yoga, or obsessing over how adorable her Nonna is.

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