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    We offer our support, compassion, and condolences to those affected by the pandemic. To our listeners: we are thinking of you and sending you encouragement and positivity.


    About Case Confirmed


    Case Confirmed is a highly-rated podcast series for health professionals where we interview public health experts from around the world, explore their vibrant and unique perspectives, and deliver their insights to you in informative episodes! Case Confirmed was recently recognized as one of the best public health podcasts of 2020. You can follow us on Instagram @caseconfirmed or on Facebook.


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    Meera is a writer who studied sociomedical sciences and infectious disease epidemiology at Columbia University. She dreamed up Case Confirmed in 2018 as a way to explore new ideas in public health. Luckily, she met Vijeta and Dina not long afterwards! She loves writing surreal fiction, podcasting, coffee, fitness, vegan cooking, and learning new things. As a creative, she is always working on multiple projects, excited by the joy of creating something new. She runs her own freelance writing business.





    Vijeta is a senior biostatistician who grew up in the US Virgin Islands. She is interested in using inferential and predictive modeling to identify risk factors that can inform public health, healthcare interventions, and policy changes. She has worked in clinical, academic, consulting, and industry settings in Boston. She contributes extensive biostatistics expertise in retrospective, prospective, longitudinal, clinical trial, outcomes, and real-world evidence arenas. She also enjoys teaching university students biostatistics and programming (SAS). When she isn’t being a data nerd, you can often find her dreaming about the sand, doing yoga, reading, cooking, listening to the piano and bansuri, and learning about different cultures. She hopes to be able to speak 7 languages fluently one day!


    Maternal & Child Health Researcher


    Dina works in a Boston hospital as a researcher in the Division of Global Health Equity, has a background in HIV research and LGBTQ+ health, and side hustles as a childbirth educator. She has an MPH from Boston University and BA in Women & Gender Studies from UMass Boston. She is passionate about all things reproductive justice and guarantees she can connect (almost) any issue back to this lens. When she’s not talking about how cool public health is, Dina can be found planning her next trip, looking through her many cookbooks for pictures of recipes (but not actually cooking any), or obsessing over her grandmother.

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    Huiqi (Fay) Qiu works as an experienced graphic designer. She is currently pursuing an MFA at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Growing up in an island city, Xiamen, Fay was immersed in Chinese cultural heritage. At the age of 15, she moved to Vancouver, Canada. After that, she attended Boston University in the United States to earn her BFA in Graphic Design. What Fay has gained from living in different places and interacting with diverse individuals intensifies her passion to be a great designer. Fay always looks forward to collaborating with different talents and professionals. Please feel free to get in contact with her if you would like to hire her to work on a project! See her portfolio and contact info here.